Scaled to reach the cloud. -- Kaiam Corporation

High-Speed Optical Modules

Multiple channels of 10 Gbps or greater integrated into a single package, providing a lower-cost solution for data center and datacom with best-in-class performance.

Planar Lightwave Circuits

Kaiam applies planar semi-conductor-type processing technology to create innovative, high-performance PLC components and modules for Optical Networking applications.

Smart Photonic Integration

Kaiam’s unique integration solution enables the highest performance operation for hybrid optical circuits. Learn more about The Kaiam Advantage.

Ultimately, it’s about specifications and cost, not technological bravado. Our integration engine allows us to use the most efficient lasers, the lowest-loss components, and wastes the fewest electrons and photons, yielding the lowest power consumption and the best operating characteristics.–Bardia Pezeshki, Founder & CEO

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